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© Images Marwan and the artists, '16, '17, '18, '19, '20
Nick Fusaro
Fire and Forget
Jannis Marwitz
The year is over now
Franzi Müller Schmidt
Alles Gute
The year is over now, Jannis Marwitz in Amsterdam's Frieze Critics Guide by Gabriela Acha 20.12.2016
Marwan speaking at the launch of the In-Out Center archives, at De Appel, 13.12.2017
Marwan in De Appel Reads list #3
Christopher Tym  MULTI

Stephan Blumenschein

during the opening of Marwan at Fokke Simonszstraat 12 on July 14, 2018

The Fondle Tour
Nina Sarnelle,
Megan Snowe
and Mitra Saboury
June 14, 2018
Oh wait! Oh what a view. Let's take a picture.
Marwan is an artist-run project space in the center of Amsterdam, NL, initiated and programmed by Tirza Kater and Tim Mathijsen, who started this practice in their studio. Currently, Marwan is operating autonomously under the generous wings of AKINCI at Fokke Simonszstraat, 12, Amsterdam.
© Typography banner Gaile Pranckunaite & Mislav Žugaj
click here for 'Shaving horses and other stories of the home' a text by Prof. Hilde Heynen that accompanies The Shaving Horse
click here for documentation of the conversation with Prof. Heynen and Olga Micińska departing from the text 'Shaving horses and other stories of the home'
click here for documentation of two performances by Johanna Gonschorek and Diogo da Cruz
MAPS (Fokke Simonszstraat 12, A'dam, NL)
artist-run project space
MAPS (Fokke Simonszstraat 12, A'dam, NL)
(Marwan's banner now: meantime (a gash) Tirza Kater for Cosmos Carl)
27.7.2020 - 18.8.2020
16-9-2020 - 23-12-2020 s l o w c o m e b a c k
with Martijn Hendriks (and company, to come) in Marwan as a cutlery drawer with added: 24/11/2020: 'Peels' (2020) by Brianna Leatherbury, 20/11/2020: 'dream clumps' (2020) by Mire Lee, 14/11/2020: 'The shark has teeth'(2020) by Franzi Schulz, 6/11/2020: 'Hase' (2020) by Jan Hüskes, 23/10/2020: 'Fork Lead Pipe' (2020) by Clémence Lollia Hilaire, 24/9/2020:'spoon for MH' (2020) by Tim Mathijsen, 28/11/2020: In the Cordon They Are Ready, Guards as It Were, but Maybe —Who Knows—Ready to Cut Her Into Pieces So That She Can Be Eaten (2020) by Christiane Blattmann